Featuring Christopher Martin from the STEAM Academy at Six Nations and Ohneganos Ohnegahdę:gyo.

In this interactive workshop at the 2021 Indigenous Mapping Workshop which took place on November 2, 2021, workshop participants used Terrastories, a free and open-source application for mapping and locating place-based stories, to map our own knowledge and stories about our land. 

After a short introduction to the main features of Terrastories and learning about how Ohneganos Ohnegahdę:gyo is using Terrastories to map water stories in Six Nations, participants were invited to log in to an online Terrastories community set up for the Indigenous Mapping Workshop, and try out and learn about the different features of the application by adding their own stories to the map! 

We closed by discussing how you can do a similar workshop with your own community, and serve Terrastories online on a web server, or offline with the “field kit” setup.

Learn more about the work of Ohneganos Ohnegahdę:gyo and their use of Terrastories in this recent Mongabay feature.

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