Terrastories is open-source, and contributions are welcome (we have had 90+ folks contributing to the codebase, and that is not counting design work!) We could use Ruby on Rails, React, Mapbox/MapLibre, Docker, front-end, or UI/UX support, and our open issues are indexed by priority and difficulty.

Please see our Wiki, and read our How to Contribute guide for more information on Terrastories development.

Roadmap: to learn about current open source development work or where we're headed, check out our Vision Statement and our Roadmap (updated December 2022).

Community: join us on Github, the #earthdefenderstoolkit channel on Digital Democracy's Discord, or in the Ruby for Good Slack #terrastories channel.

Coding events: In the past, Terrastories has been built at Ruby for Good 2018, Ruby by the Bay 2019, Ruby by the Bay 2020, and during Hacktoberfest. If you are interested in having Terrastories at a coding event, please get in touch with us.

Terrastories at Ruby for Good 2018 (video)