Funding Needs


(September 2021) Although we've been lucky to receive funding for Terrastories on two separate occasions to develop specific modules as requested by our partners, Terrastories has otherwise been entirely built with ❤️ by open-source developers and volunteers over the past four years.

However, as more communities start to use Terrastories, we are hearing about new feature requests, and realizing that for some of these most commonly requested features, we really could use funding to scope and build these out properly, and in a timely fashion.

Some of these most commonly requested features include:

  • Sharing stories across Terrastories communities
  • Adding stories to areas and lines in addition to points
  • An interface for toggling between map layers; and, setting the map layers per story
  • An easy user interface to add content to the map (instead of inserting latitude and longitude coordinates)
  • Integration with other applications, i.e. for data collection (Mapeo), map design (Mapbox), and visualization (Native Land Digital)
  • Native mobile support (Android and iOS); "elder in your pocket" notifications when nearby a storied place
  • Easier installation on Windows and MacOS, not requiring any command-line code
  • Temporal feature on the map to visualize stories in time as well as space
  • Redesign of the administrative menu with more of the editing functionality taking place on the map directly
  • Synchronization (p2p) between offline Terrastories servers
  • Embedding audio or video content hosted elsewhere
  • And much more!

Do you believe in the vision of Terrastories, and would like to fund us to build out more of these commonly requested features? Or do you know of a donor that might like to support us? Please get in touch with us!