A very happy #Hacktoberfest for Terrastories and the Ruby community 🎃

It’s been almost a year and a half since I became acquainted with a wonderful community of open-source Ruby developers. At the time, I was scurrying from one corporate office to another, trying to find the right party to build a geostorytelling application for my organization, the Amazon Conservation Team…

Temporary Teams with Miranda Wang (Storytime with Managers)

Originally posted on Storytime with Managers by WeCohere, here. “Storytime With Managers” are the questions you would ask an expert over a cup of coffee (including the ones you feel scared to ask), packaged up into 20min podcast episodes. Temporary Teams with Miranda Wang – Transcript JENNIFER: Welcome to Storytime with Managers, a podcast by …

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Oral Histories: Helping the Kogui Manage their Territory

In contexts like the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta—where the recovery of ancestral territory is prioritized by the indigenous groups—the importance of instructing leaders in the use of tools that allow them to improve their capacity to understand and manage their lands is essential.

Mapping oral history in the rainforests of Suriname

The classroom was abuzz. Groups of students sat together around mobile phones, exploring a digital map of their traditional homeland, watching videos of their elders telling stories of community history and traditions. Watching them, I could tell that the Terrastories project was onto something.

Giving Back: Homesnap Joins Hack-a-Thon for Good

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a hack-a-thon of a special nature. Homesnap sponsored my participation in Ruby for Good, a conference where developers, product managers, and product designers come together to create websites and software for non-profit organizations. As part of Ruby for Good, I had the incredible honor to work with Rudo Kemper (part of the Amazon Conservation Team, or ACT) to design and build Terrastories.

ACT partakes in Ruby for Good 2018 to develop offline geostorytelling app Terrastories for remote communities

I just came back from an exhilarating weekend at Ruby for Good 2018 to work with a team to develop an open-source, offline-compatible geostorytelling application. I want to share my experiences, but first, some history. Almost twenty years ago, ACT partnered with the Trio (or sometimes TyrĂ­o, TarĂ«no) indigenous communities in southern Suriname and northern Brazil to …

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